Pledge To End Demand In Wisconsin



  • Human trafficking is the crime of buying and selling of women, men and children to be exploited in the commercial sex industry and other forms of forced labor.
  • Human trafficking is the most severe form of human exploitation.
  • Human trafficking is a gross violation of human rights.
  • Human trafficking occurs in Wisconsin, the United States and worldwide.
  • Human trafficking is fueled by demand.


  1. I pledge to respect the human rights of others, speak out against all forms of exploitation and urge friends and family to do the same.
  2. I pledge to support efforts that address factors creating vulnerability to human trafficking – inadequate mental health services, lack of secure housing, economic insecurity, child abuse or neglect and laws that increase victim vulnerability.
  3. I pledge to not create demand for human trafficking by searching for fair trade options of goods and services that are not produced through exploitation.
  4. I pledge to not exploit others for sex.
  5. I pledge to demand that all who profit from exploitation of people, and all those who purchase women, men, and children for sex, are held accountable – arrested, charged and prosecuted.