SlaveFree Madison Mission

SlaveFree Madison is the community action group that promotes awareness about modern-day slavery and advocates cooperative community responses to reduce the incidence of human trafficking in Dane County. We bridge knowledge with action. Our focus is local. Our awareness is global.


SlaveFree Madison Organizational Values

SlaveFree Madison:

Respects the needs, ideas, time and talents of SlaveFree Madison members, community members and leaders and modern-day slavery victims.

Builds capacity that supports individuals taking initiative and accepting responsibility for their commitments and actions – within SlaveFree Madison and within groups and individuals with whom we collaborate.


SlaveFree Madison History

SlaveFree Madison (SFM) grew out of a priority-setting luncheon convened by the Zonta Club of Madison in spring 2008, and attended by other Madison-area agencies who share a common concern for human trafficking. The group reached the consensus that building community awareness of the human trafficking issue was a priority, and that a community-based service organization like Zonta was well-suited to address this goal.  Ultimately, Zonta decided that an anti-human trafficking group would be stronger if it involved a broader spectrum of people from across Dane County.

Zonta Club of Madison spent six months honing their focus which resulted in an informational survey being sent to Madison-area organizations and selected individuals. The survey indicated an average awareness of human trafficking as an issue but limited awareness of human trafficking in the Madison-area. Respondents were also invited to the initial meeting of a community coalition to build public awareness of human trafficking.

The group that became SlaveFree Madison convened for the first time on April 27, 2009 comprised of approximately 20 individuals from across the Madison area. It has since broadened its mission to include advocating for cooperative community responses to address local human trafficking. To achieve its mission, SlaveFree Madison offers educational presentations to Dane County organizations wishing to better understand the issue of human trafficking and, if desired, to explore appropriate ways to address the issue. SlaveFree Madison is also seeking further collaboration with City of Madison and Dane County agencies that can contribute to a comprehensive and cooperative response to human trafficking in Dane County.

While SlaveFree Madison has an identity, membership, and plan-of-work of its own, it continues to retain its affiliation with Zonta Club of Madison.